Thursday, 15 June 2017

My Nana and Poppa's house.

The rich green hedge stands tall over its possessions. The droopy willow tree hangs lightly over the clear water pond. The golden fish duck smoothly under the light green lily pads. As the birds fly by they create shadows over the fresh summer flowers. The sun beats down onto the soft velvety grass. As I walk along the pebble path the rose bushes  lightly brush the tops of my feet.

The smell of the moan green grass and summer flowers gives off a calm vibe. I breathe deeply as I lay looking into the bright blue sky. The pond gives a smell of fresh algae. I looked over to the dark green hedge, it smelled of bonfires and soggy mud.

The place is getting older by the second but it’s still my favourite place on earth.

Rosie Neal.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My favourite place poem.

My Grandparents cottage was usual enough; It had
a hammock, a droopy willow tree, a pond, an old playhouse and even a 2 story wooden shabby shed that sat on the cold pebbles.  My sister cousins and I did what we loved to do, Gallop round in our togs, splosh pond water on each other, relax on the swaying hammock whilst eating my Nana’s melting gooey chocolate.
The warm summer days got cooler as it got later. All we did was lay on the fresh grass doing nothing important.

Rosie A Neal

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Cold Water Experience.

On a hot bridge valley day, I was slipping down the burning water slide.
My breathe was taken as I slide into the dark icy water. I couldn't see my noodle legs dangle beneath me.
Frantically swimming I was afraid of what my feet might discover underneath me.

The Lake was taking the feeling our of my numb body, as I was scrambling through the murky water to find the soft grass. Pulling myself onto the warm grass, my teeth chattered like an old engine. My hair was matted and soggy, woven with leaves hung old like a mop.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Origami art!

Check the link bellow if you are feeling creative, They are pretty cool.

     How to make - Paper Puppy - Duration: 4:10. smilo75 112,845 views
How to Make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - Origami - Duration: 8:21. Rob's World 10,970,206 viewsOrigami Fortune Teller - Duration: 4:17. Confident Counselor 157,981 views


Difficult roads often lead to  beautiful destinations….

Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on….

Sometimes you don't know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory….

I'm much more me when im with you….

If you have a cool quote tell me in the comments!


Image result for animals
#1There are 53 known species of seahorse 
#2Seahorses prefer to swim in pairs with their tails linked together.
#3When Sea horses have babies the mail sea horse carries the babies in a pouch like a kangaroo around until they hatch.
#4 They feed almost constantly on tiny fish and plankton.
#5 Food passes right through them, so they need to continue consuming in order to stay alive.