Thursday, 30 March 2017

This is about copy right and and i got it off landscapes.

Image result for landscapesThe Moon peeped over the hill as if it was hiding from something . Its silver sparkles shone brighter then the stars and its whitey blue speckles glistened as the reflection of the moon hit it. As the moon came up it watched over the sea. something was missing but no one knew what....

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Rosie's metaphoric poem!

Rosie is a long legged clumsy but elegant monkey leaping from tree to tree. 

Rosie is a pair of size 8 pastel pink ballet flats dancing the streets of London.

Rosie is a Metallic blue Limousine driving across the smooth mat black tarmac.

Rosie is a 2 story London apartment with glistening windows and a black grand front door.

Rosie is a blue striped bowl of long curly noodles trying to escape.

Rosie is a palm tree, tall and thin, original and bendy.