Thursday, 27 July 2017

Injustice work!

For my injustice work I did mine on American slavery.  So I wrote a story pretending I am a slave, In my story I put facts about where it was when it was and how it started. ect... The impact it had on me was that I realised how lucky we actually are living in this day and age, because if we were alive in the days of slaves many of us could have been slaves.  So I realised that people my age are all very lucky.  

Here it is=

It was 1619, I was living in west Africa getting along with my everyday life when a man came up to me and introduced himself as a 51 year old Portuguese man. He didn't take long to ask me who I was, and before i had finished he roughly gripped his clammy fingers round my arm. I fought against him with all my might but soon enough I was tightly chained up to other elderly young woman and men.

After a long time of walking the tears from my eyes were all dried out the scared screams had stopped. We were loaded onto a big ship not knowing where we were going or what we were doing. We were locked up in a small wooden room for days and days. After along journey we came to a stop. Slowly we got loaded of the boat and into a place called Jamestown Virginia in north America. We were told the news, tears started dripping down my face. I missed my family and friends.

We had our lives turned upside down, getting used and treated with no respect. One day we got put somewhere to work either making money or by selling rich crops such as tobacco plants. Or we cooked cared and cleaned for American homes. We didn't get paid, all we got was a rotting roof over our head barely standing. Tones of slaves tried to escape but if you did you could get whipped hung by your neck.

I am a maid, I love the kids I am not allowed to live with them though because in this day black Africans are known to be less important than white americans, so we can not have nicer houses things or lives. We can not sit on the same toilets as them or go to the same shops. To them our lives are meaning less.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Genius Hour !